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Resume Writers, Career Directors and Recruiters, GET PAID for your referrals!
Tell your current clients about the benefits of having a "Resume Contact Code" and Spread The Word about the Service to other Resume Writers and Career Professionals. The Resume Contact Code Service enables Staffing Agencies, Recruiters and prospective Employers to contact Job-Seekers even if the contact information on their resume has changed! As long as contact information is kept up-to-date, Recruiters and Employers can simply go to and enter the person's code to obtain updated or alternate contact information and also download their most recent resume. Get paid a 20% Affiliate commission for everyone you promote the service to that signs up. Make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year as your commissions continue to grow! Income is recurring which means it continues for life! The easiest way to tell others is by email. After signing up, you will receive your customizable hyperlink that you can include in your emails and newsletters. And, as an Affiliate, you can also copy special text links and graphics that you can put on your website. When someone clicks on your hyperlink, text link or graphic and signs up, the system automatically tracks the sign up, and you GET PAID!
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