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Instantly post your resume

Employers, search for Job Seeker PEP (Potential Employee Profile) Pages.

The Job Seeker PEP Code, enables prospective Employers to obtain additional information about potential employees by viewing their "Potential Employee Profile Page".

Job seekers, privacy groups and government officials, are very concerned about employers now asking for personal Facebook passwords in order to obtain more information about potential employees. To accommodate employers seeking additional information about you, instead of giving out your private Facebook password, which violates Facebook's user agreement, simply give them your PEP Code! When your code is entered, it will allow employers to view your Potential Employee Profile Page and see additional information that you want them to know, that you would not normally put on your resume. They can also see your photo, view your video resume, download your most current resume, read your blog and even send you a private message.

As a Member, you also get a FREE Resume Contact Code for helping employers maintain contact with you, should the contact information on your resume become outdated.

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